The Dunbar calendar

The Dunbar writing group’s very active and up for things. The writing quality is high, as is the quality of criticism – and we do nice projects too. Here’s our calendar:


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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7 Responses to The Dunbar calendar

  1. shug says:

    Looks like you’re busy in all sorts of good ways. Thank you for Sushi and Chips. I’m really enjoying it. A letter is on its way with reciprocal ‘Strange Bamboo’. PS If you ever run out of people to publish there’s always Shug’s unpublished short stories…..

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Shug. I look forward to reading ‘Strange Bamboo’. We had a lot of fun putting the calendar – all texts and images by members.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Looks really professional, and the great thing is that each image/text is on display for a whole month!

  4. Rachel Fox says:

    So are you selling them on-the-line?

  5. Colin Will says:

    No Rachel. We only got 200 printed, and most of them have gone. The remaining ones will go next week. We’ll do more next year now we know we can do it. I did February, a photo of snowdrops, and a wee 3-liner:Usherettes shine reflected torchlight/ along the rows where snuggled primroses/ wait their turn to glow.

  6. Rachel Fox says:

    Usherettes…such a lovely word!x

  7. Sorlil says:

    It does look very professional and I very much like your 3-liner.

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