Two new launches

In chronological order: Jayne Wilding’s new poetry collection – Sky Blue Notebook
from the Pyrenees
– launches on Monday 1st December, at the Harbour Howff Cafe,
St Monans, Fife. Also reading with Jayne are local writers John Brewster and Gordon Meade.
Jayne wrote these poems after returning to Scotland from living in France. The area
round Foix is extremely beautiful, and Jayne has captured the essence of the place
in poems which are delicate, subtle and charming. I have so much enjoyed working
with Jayne on this collection. She had very clear ideas on design and layout, which
is unusual in a poet, and I think between us we’ve come up with a book which
marries content and design in a satisfying artistic creation.
Jayne’s full length collection – In the Moon’s Pantry – was published
by my friends at Diehard in 2005.

On Thursday 4th December Catriona Malan’s debut collection – Love Affair
With Mussels
– launches in Helensburgh Library. Catriona’s a delightful person
and a fine poet. She’s had poetry published in Chapman, Lines Review, and
in anthologies, and she’s several times been a prize-winner in Scottish
Association of Writers’ competitions. I was introduced to Catriona and
her work by a Dunbar writer friend, and was immediately impressed
by her poems, which combine acute observation with honesty and
emotional commitment.
These two books complete my Calder Wood Press 2008 publishing programme.
It’s been an amazing year, and a great privilege to work with outstanding writers –
Jo Gibson, Anna Dickie, Anne Connolly, Dave Purdie, Angus Binnie, Donald McKinney,
Jayne Wilding and Catriona Malan.
Next year I start with Irene Brown and Lillias Forbes, then Dave Purdie’s
owersettin o The Godothin intil Scots. New collections from Mary Johnston,
Jane Wilde, Hilary Graham and Gerald Urwin will follow. I’m also discussing
a possible short story collection from a local author whose work I love.
If anyone would like to come along to either or both of these launches you’d be
most welcome. Email me through the Calder Wood Press website.

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3 Responses to Two new launches

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Sky Blue has a gorgeous cover Colin, & the mussels one, well I think I already said how much I like them… best of luck to both writers. What a great year for Calder Wood Press!

  2. swiss says:

    any journey into the east neuk is fine by me. i’m supposed to be off so i think i may appear at this colin. will email

  3. swiss says:

    couldn’t find it! drove round and round and when we finally did the mood was off us. did manage some astronomy on the way home tho.hope all went well

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