A better day

Good news from the Chancellor on Icesave. The thing is, I love Iceland – it’s a wonderful country – and I like most of the Icelanders I’ve met. However, I now think that its bankers are greedy and incompetent, and its government is perfidious and not to be trusted. Naturally we (that’s both of us, not the Royal we) don’t have all our investments in one place, but investment income represents a significant element of our pot, pensions being what they are.

But that’s enough about finance. As Rob announced, the new issue of Sphinx is out, and I got my copy today (W’s are always at the back of the line). Some very interesting articles and reviews in it, which I will read later. I was delighted to see Anne Connolly’s chapbook Downside Up reviewed in the online version of Sphinx 9. Other good news on it is that yesterday Lesley Duncan chose a second poem from the collection for her Herald column and blog.

I was about to send Donald McKinney’s short story collection off to the printer on Monday, when I got a revised quote substantially higher than the one I got last week. Turns out they changed their pricing structure on 1st October. I’m haggling, naturally.

What do you think of the cover?

I’m also publishing, this time on behalf of Tyne & Esk Writers, a short volume of reminiscences by Angus Binnie, who was, as the title suggests, a teenage soldier during the Second World War.

Finally, I am one of those people who serially misplaces things. I can’t lay my hands on an A4 hard-cover notebook, which I swear was lying about on the floor of my workroom a fortnight ago until I thought, “I know a nice safe place to put this.” Only I’ve forgotten where the safe place was. Bad words! Bad words! Bad words!


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2 Responses to A better day

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Love the new covers! I haven’t forgotten about Anne’s book; just been tremendously busy and now ill to boot! Your energy is amazing… can borrow some?

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Barbara – I think you’re as busy as I am.

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