Post Callander 1

Back from the wonderful Callander Poetry Weekend, but I haven’t yet downloaded my photos, so I’ll come back to it. In the meantime, Kevin Cadwallender has sent me this photo of Larry Butler and I during our session on poetry in gardens. First time my knees have appeared in public. Larry also found a fair quantity of chanterelles in the woods close by, and they made a delicious lunch.

PS: The first photos are now up on the Poetry Scotland website.


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9 Responses to Post Callander 1

  1. BarbaraS says:

    My goodness, that <>is<> a kilt? What fine knees you have Colin. And how deeply you are both immersed in those books. I shan’t mention the beards, then… oops, I just have!

  2. Colin Will says:

    That is the kilt (I’m of Clan Gunn), plus doublet and Jacobean shirt. And we’re both wearing the Tibetan prayer scarves I brought back from Lhasa – Larry’s also a Buddhist. We read a huge variety of poems about plants and gardens, from Chaucer onward, and the audience was very responsive.

  3. Rachel Fox says:

    So does this photo need one of Barbara’s caption competitions?And what would be the prize?

  4. Colin Will says:

    OK Rachel, I’ll invite captions. Prize will be a Calder Wood Press title of my choice.First feedback photos now on the Poetry Scotland website –

  5. Rachel Fox says:

    OK – how about “On their way to visit the baby Jesus two of the wise men stopped to consult their Rough Guides whilst the third nipped into the pub for a quick half”?x

  6. apprentice says:

    I’m glad they got an airing! The mushrooms sound tasty too

  7. Tommaso Gervasutti says:

    Dear Colin, I have been to a poetry reading at last, a very, very particular one as you can read in my latest post.All my best wishes,Davide

  8. BarbaraS says:

    Ah, I did wonder about the scarves, so thanks for that. Thanks for info on the kilt too! Captions then? I think Rachel’s is very hard to beat. How about:‘The two seers consulted their Nostradamus books to look for correlations with the supercollider.’

  9. Colin Will says:

    I like that one Barbara. Email me your address and I’ll send you a copy of Anne Connolly’s ‘Downside Up’, which I hope you’ll like. My address is colin dot will at zen dot co dot ukColin

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