Dave’s launch, Anna’s reading etc

It’s Dave Purdie’s launch of The Biggers on Wednesday night in Dalkeith Library. Hooaniver, as he micht say, he’s goat broancheetiss, and he wants me te staun by gif he canna read. He’s askit me tae be ready fur readin Sanct Hub’s, The Dirge o the Dolefu Jyner, The Hintmaist Tour and Merle on a Rowan. A tough one, but I’ll be up for it.

On Thursday Anna’s reading at Blackwell’s Bookshop on the Bridges, Edinburgh, at 6:15pm, and I’ll be there.

I’ll be at the Book Festival on Friday for the Poetry Pamphlet Fair (12-4pm) to represent Calder Wood Press.

Saturday sees a reading at the Word Power Bookshop, (1-2pm) with Tom Murray, Julian Colton and Tom Bryan. I don’t know Julian, but I know both Toms well. It’ll be good to catch up with them. I’ll go by bus, because I suspect pints will be taken afterwards.

Sunday evening is the award of the Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition at the Book Festival. It’ll be very interesting to see who the judges (Donny O’Rourke, Richard Price and David Kinloch) have chosen.

One of the things that made the Book Festival special to me was the sure and certain knowledge that at some point (and more than once) I’d bump into my old friend Brian Osborne. Sadly, Brian died in Samarkand recently. It won’t be the same without him.


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