Bees etc

I’m fond of bees; I admire their unflagging industry, their organisation and communication, and I love the stuff they make. I haven’t been stung all that often either – it’s more often been by wasps. The human species has had a long and fruitful association with these insects, and I was reminded of it recently in Lithuania. It brought to mind another occasion, back in 1982, when we went on a day trip into Georgia, via the road to Lake Ritsa, where Stalin had his dacha. Anyway, en route we passed a number of hives with a notice that said (except in Russian of course) State Collective Bee Farm No 5.

In Lithuania, it seemed to me, the reverence for bees goes deeper, until it is part of the national culture. Here are some shots taken at the Bee Museum.
First, some of the extraordinary tree sculptures

Then, the clearing filled with ‘log’ hives, which look a bit like coffins

And finally, a bee wedding, where the bee-keeper officiates in an ancient and traditional blessing

poem removed for revision


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2 Responses to Bees etc

  1. Crafty Green Poet says:

    I love bees too (and have been blogging photos of them recently). Wonderful carvings and hives in your post. I enjoyed the poem too, I like how it all flows

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Juliet. Colin

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