Poems for two voices

My good friend, Dunbar poet Jo Gibson, phoned me the other evening to ask me if I’d join her in reading a few poems in the break of a local choir’s musical evening – their first outing. She said that she had a poem written for two voices, and she wondered if I would join her in reading it. As we were talking about it I realised that a new poem I’ve written very recently would also work as a duet, so we’re doing both, as well as two or three poems on our own.

The poems aren’t dialogues – they’re not the sort of question and answer or assertion and response which makes dialogue – nor are they poems constructed in the persons of two separate characters. They are poems which could be read aloud by one person, but which we feel will be more interesting to be read by two.

I’ll report back on the success (or otherwise) of the experiment, and at that point I’ll post the poem. I’d rather try it out on an audience first.


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2 Responses to Poems for two voices

  1. hope says:

    Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! {For what?, he wondered, not knowing who this woman is or why she was filling his blog with comments.}It was the Poetry Scotland website which led me to Hugh McMillian…then Rachel Fox…then Ken Armstrong. Each of them has enriched my life in different ways, for which I’m grateful. You’ve pretty much given me mini-vacations from my desk at work or from household chores by letting me escape to Scotland. What a fun, entertaining, smile inducing group you are. Have a great weekend!

  2. Colin Will says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Hope. I’m delighted to hear that. I’ve had a good day, making two poets very happy by delivering author copies of their new books.Colin

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