The next two pamphlets

Having had Anna Dickie’s Haddington launch last week, this week I’ll be collecting the next two Calder Wood Press titles from the printers.

One of the things I like most about my developing list is its diversity, and these two chapbooks go off in different directions. Anne has lived in Edinburgh for many years, but she was born and brought up in Northern Ireland, and many of us who attended School of Poets sessions will be familiar with the lovely musical lilt of her poetry. Dave is an ex-joiner (hence the cover) from Loanhead, who has won many prizes for his skilfully crafted poems in Scots. What unites the two books is the quality of writing in both cases, and the fact that, strangely enough, these are their first published collections. They’re excellent, and I’m very chuffed to be able to publish them. I’m currently discussing launches etc, and I’ll blog them as soon as they’re sorted out.
The next CWP title is a full-size collection of short stories by Donald McKinney – Why We Howl At the Moon. Then two more poetry collections, maybe three, and it’s on to planning my 2009 schedule. Three collections are under discussion over the next few months.

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