Buckie Set List

Here are the poems I read in Buckie on Tuesday.

Scotland and Language
Alastair Reid: Scotland (they liked it)
Robert Crawford: Scotland (they didn’t like it)
Carol Ann Duffy: Originally (liked strongly)
Jackie Kay: Old Tongue (liked)
David C Purdie: The Biggers (liked a lot)
Tom Leonard: The qualification (OK, but this is East Coast)

National character
Kathleen Jamie: Things (a bit puzzled)
Carol Ann Duffy: Mrs Darwin (liked)
Kate Clanchy: Slattern (liked)
Bill Herbert: Ode to Scotty (loved it)

Animals (bit of a detour)
Jim Carruth: The man who wanted to hug cows (loved it)
Hamish Brown: Counting sheep (liked it)
Andrew Greig: Small white dog (loved it)

Life experiences
Richard Price: Katy (liked it)
Valerie Gillies: Young harper (liked)
Liz Lochhead: For My Sister (loved it)
Angela MacSeveny: The Lump (loved it)
Lesley Duncan: Wilful Will (loved it)
myself: The legacy
and I finished with Jackie Kay’s In My Country, which moved one member of the audience to tears.


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6 Responses to Buckie Set List

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    There was a Jim Carruth poem in the Herald recently (about crows) which jumped and crowed at me (in a good way). May have to get a book of his…recommendations anyone?

  2. Cailleach says:

    Lovely selection of work, Colin – glad you and the audience enjoyed it!

  3. Cailleach says:

    Oh and glad your swelling was cured in the end. Nothing as relieving as slipping a ring off sometimes. Was it the bite that caused all that agony?

  4. Colin Will says:

    It’s always hard to judge in advance what an audience will like, especially if you haven’t read there before. Some prefer emotional poems written in straightforward language. Other audiences like wit and cleverness. It was good to try examples of many different styles. My hand’s back to normal now, but I haven’t tried to put my ring back on yet.

  5. Cailleach says:

    It sounds like you struck a good balance. Glad you’re better now.

  6. Colin Will says:

    Rachel: Two of Jim Carruth’s pamphlets that I particularly recommend are:Bovine Pastoral, andHigh AuchensaleBoth (and others) are available from the Scottish Pamphlet Poetry website. http://www.scottish-pamphlet-poetry.com/

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