Angus Calder

I’ve just heard the news that Angus Calder has died. He was a fine poet, excellent editor and writer, and a good person to have as a friend, although his personal demons meant that he could be hard to deal with at times. I’ll miss him.


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4 Responses to Angus Calder

  1. shug says:

    What a shame. They were trying to put together an anthology for him – I wonder if he got a chance to see it before he died? It’s a while since I met him but he’s a great loss.

  2. Anonymous says:

    no the anthology wasnt finished – but there was a very moving woodland burial with poems etc. The poems had been taken from the proposed book, with some printed in the programme.SallyE

  3. Reid Mitchell says:

    I just got the news. I’m heartbroken, The last time I went to Edinburgh to see him, he was in one of his unreachable periods. I reckoned I’d get back to him. He was always kind to me, in part I suspect because I was from New Orleans, which fascinated him, but largely because that was his nature. He would come up with brilliant stuff while we were talking and then somehow attribute it to me. I was hunting up his address today, to tell him I’d started publishing poetry and could I send him a bunch, and I found thos news.Reid Mitchell

  4. Harshi says:

    I just found out, on a recent visit to England, that Angus died last year. I'm deeply grieved and will always live with the regret that I did not try hard enough to keep in touch with him after last hearing from him about four years ago. As his colleague from yester-years, Adrian Roscoe, put it, 'what a waste of a brilliant mind'. I'll miss him forever.
    Harshi Syal Gill

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