A funeral

My mother-in-law died during the night, and we’ve been dashing around West Lothian doing the things you have to do at these times. Fortunately Jane was able to spend some quiet time with her mother yesterday evening, and so their final parting was calm and peaceful.

We’re now organising the funeral, which Jane wants to be a family affair. She has written a eulogy, which I will read on her behalf, and she’s chosen the music, which I’ve been able to source (how did they do it before the internet?). Peggie used to sing quite often, and she’d regale her fellow care home residents with songs, and poems recited from memory, so we’re going to remind friends and family of some of her favourites.

She’ll be buried in Bathgate, beside her husband (who died in 1972) and her youngest daughter, who died a few days after being born.


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2 Responses to A funeral

  1. apprentice says:

    I hope your family service goes off well. I’m sure it will be much more meaningful to all by virtue of the care and attention that’s been put into it.Good luck with the trip too, and thanks for the help and support the other night.

  2. vivcapri says:

    Eternal Rest, unto the Soul departed.
    A prayer for your grieving family, and I do hope the In Memoriam Service is Prayerful and Soothing…
    Am reminded of…
    ‘Abide with me, fast falls the eventide….

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