I well remember the first time I saw Sparks on Top of the Pops in 1974, and then tonight I saw the Mael brothers on the Culture Show, reprising that first UK hit. Great stuff. Here’s a shortened version from TOTP. Enjoy, despite the awful lip-synching.


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  1. Rachel Fox says:

    Are they a band gentlemen poets especially like then? I do remember them (I think I liked ‘Beat the clock’…was that them?) but that guy was just so creepy…just the kind of man 7 year old girls were meant to keep away from (and I would have been 7 in’s not just a random number..)!To give them their due this video looks more 80s than 70s so they may well have been ahead of their time at least (although as fashion is so cyclical they could have behind it too…).

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