Domestic arrangements

I’m a bit preoccupied this week. My mother-in-law is terminally ill, and I’ve called off a series of schools workshops scheduled for early next week, as the end is likely to be very close. She’s 95, has been well cared for, and had a healthy life until recently, so in many respects she’s been very fortunate. The final deterioration has been very rapid, however, and the list of ‘things to do’ grows longer and more urgent.


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2 Responses to Domestic arrangements

  1. Tommaso Gervasutti says:

    Dear Colin, I understand your predicament, mine is different but not so much, my mother is 86, she is not in bad health but I am worried for her back-ache and aching knees, problems she has been having for ages, but she is very, very lazy and in the last year without any particular worsening -doctors have found nothing- she is progressively avoiding any opportunity for walking. I am afraid she will end in a wheelchair and there seem to be no way to convince her to try to walk slowly at least ten minutes a day as also doctors hav said she should. She is stubbornly stuck on her armchair or walks from cooker to the kitchen chairs with a lazyness-inducing wheeltrolley some friens, what a mistake, have given her as a present…In these cases one feels stuck and heavy with useless, wavering words. The elderly cn be more stubborn than heaven or hell!Best wishes, Davide

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Davide. My mother-in-law once decided not to walk any more, but a few days in hospital got her started again, and she was walking up until last week.Colin

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