Garden leave

We’ve been away on a gardens break, visiting the Chelsea Flower Show (bit of a circus),
The RHS Garden at Wisley (fabulous)
(nice Ixia in the Alpine House, and a Vanda in the main glasshouse),
Sissinghurst Castle Garden in Kent,
and finally Tatton Park Garden in Cheshire – simply wonderful,
The Italian Garden (there’s also a gorgeous Japanese Garden), and the brilliant unsubtle azaleas. After the terribly tasteful greens of Chelsea, it was lovely to see colour and to smell scents.


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4 Responses to Garden leave

  1. Cailleach says:

    Marvellous shots, especially that last one – so much lovely colour. It’d be grand if my garden looked like that – fat chance!

  2. Tommaso Gervasutti says:

    Truly marvellous photos dear Colin, they remind me of landscapes that despite the Italian Garden are far from the less trimmed countryside of ours here in real Italy.I have recently thought about your love for jazz listening to the stunning Keith Jarret’s live concert July 2001, Montreaux Jazz festival. The title of the album is My Foolish Heart. I strongly recommend it to you.All my best, Davide

  3. apprentice says:

    What a great splash of colour that final shot is.I agree Chelsea was very manicured.I can imagine Vita sitting up in that tower writing away.

  4. Colin Will says:

    Barbara: what I couldn’t capture was the scent – quite delicious.Davide: Many thanks. I’ll look out for the Keith Jarrett one, but I can only take him in small doses – he’s very intense.apprentice: one of my more ‘precious’ RBGE ex-colleagues used to complain about the ‘vulgarity’ of the azalea lawn in Edinburgh. Bring on vulgarity, I say.

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