Heart notes published

I collected Anna Dickie’s Heart notes from the printer yesterday, so now it’s published and available. Check the Calder Wood Press site for details. I still have to do the admin-type things, like sending off the legal deposit copies and registering it with Nielsen BookData, and I’ll do that later today. I must set up an e-payment facility on the site too, now that the list is growing – two more titles coming in June. Anna and I will organise a proper launch (or two) once we’ve got our diaries together.

I’m really pleased with it – it’s printed really well. The cover has come out beautifully, and the text is printed on really nice paper. Well done Levenmouth.

Anna came along to the Dunbar Group’s informal reading in the 1650 Café last night to collect her author copies. It was a very good evening, with 10 of us reading to an audience of friends in a comfy setting. We’ll definitely do this again, if the owners agree. (Their coffee is excellent, if you’re looking for a cuppa in Dunbar.)


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2 Responses to Heart notes published

  1. InspiredWritingResearch says:

    No way to keep up with your blog?Refreshing to see something like Heart Notes featured!Any excerpts/previews for poor people? Our local library (Plymouth) is terrible about ordering short stories/poetry in for us ‘hard-working families’ to read!Been waiting 6 months for The Deep Green Pool (Dance book!)siobhain m cullen

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Siobhain. I’ll organise excerpts.Best wishesColin

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