In Chronological order:

1. Shore Poets. I’m delighted to be reading on Sunday 27th, 7:45 pm, Mai Thai Restaurant, Canongate. Also reading are Andy Philip and Julie Sheridan.

I’ve selected my poems chronologically, with a few each from Thirteen Ways of Looking At the Highlands (1996), Seven Senses (2000), one from the chapbook Mementoliths (2005), then Sushi & Chips (2006), and finishing with some new poems, published and unpublished. I’ve rehearsed them, but I’m flexible – I may change the selection at the last minute.

2. Writers’ Retreat. I’m off to Glencanisp Lodge, Lochinver for a week. Unlike last year, I’ve got nothing specific in mind to write during the week, and there is no theme. Last year it was all based around Norman MacCaig, and we did a reading at the Ullapool Book Festival on the Friday night. I remember driving back to the Lodge with Mandy Haggith that night, seeing hundreds of deer looming out of the darkness, their eyes glowing. Mandy said that the locals call that stretch ‘Serengeti’, and I could see why. I’ve bought Mandy’s novel “The Last Bear”, and I must finish it before I go so we can talk about it.

3. Chelsea Flower Show. We’re going to that for the first time – really looking forward to it.

4. Lithuania. In June I’m off to the International Poetry Festival in Utena, Lithuania, with Eleanor Livingstone, StAnza’s Artistic Director. I’ve never been to any of the Baltic States, so this will be an adventure. More on this later.

In between I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on, some reviewing, two new chapbooks to get ready for the printers, and two books to prepare for Lulu POD on behalf of Tyne & Esk Writers.

Life doesn’t get any less busy.


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6 Responses to Miscellany

  1. shug says:

    Lochinver, home of the whiskery fish and scene of many a lark. What was the Ullapool Book Festival like?Lochinver. The end of the track.Black swallows blackand the storm howls like a dog. At the quay, in orange fog,a ship spews out whiskery fishand you, in Dumfries,are crackling over the phonepicking at the bonesof my latest lunacy. I nodbut I am really wonderingif this phonebox on its outcrop of screecan be seen from seaby that schoonercrewed by dead sailors,or by aliens circling,hungry for pineal gland.Yes I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,and the rain sounds like drumsin this bubble of yellow light,emptiness everywhere like the tide.

  2. Colin Will says:

    Hi shug. I like the poem. Lochinver’s special. I remember staying at the Culag many years ago (the bar was pretty rough, but it was fine). Glencanisp Lodge is the former Vestey family lodge on the track to Suilven, so it’s real MacCaig country. Ullapool BF was good last year, meeting up with Donny O’Rourke, Andrew Greig and other friends.Colin

  3. Rachel Fox says:

    Looking forward to hearing your tales from around the world. By the way I lost my mind in Lochinver once…if you find it lying around up there…will you post it back?In the meantime happy travelling, reading and sniffing (flowers…at the show…).

  4. apprentice says:

    Enjoyed the reading Colin. It was a great mix of things, which really showed of your range of experiences and interests.Well done on battling with a sore throat too.I saw the Courier piece, a useful bit of publicity.

  5. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Rachel and apprentice. I enjoyed reading last night – just a pity I got a tickly throat near the end.Colin

  6. Cailleach says:

    Sounds like the Shore was good craic – best of luck with all the work you’ve got on, Colin, I know what it feels to be meeting yourself coming back 🙂

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