Dunglass to Oldhamstocks

We start with the bridges. There are actually five bridges that cross Dunglass Dean. This shows three of them and is taken from the fourth. Further downstream there’s one just above Dunglass Mill. The first one you see is the rail bridge on the East Coast Main Line – not a Telford bridge as I first thought. Next is the ‘old’ A1 bridge built in 1932, and beyond it is the new A1 bridge built in the 1990s.

This the remains of the ‘English Fort’ built by Henry VIII’s Protector, the Earl of Somerset, during the ‘rough wooing’, when Henry tried to persuade the Scots and their French allies to hand over the 7-year old Mary Queen of Scots.

It’s an impressive bank-and-ditch construction on a hilltop above the Dunglass estate, and it’s crowned by an attractive octagonal ‘summer house’, built 1719 and which is in very good condition. The views down to the sea and inland over farmland and woodland are excellent.

I like neatly ploughed fields. This one is clearly sown with potatoes, the widely spaced furrows and flat-topped ridges are characteristic. The soil here is darker than the red soils around Dunbar, and there’s clearly a lot of clay in it.

I couldn’t resist this photo of a handsome cockerel by the road in Oldhamstocks. We visited the church here (16th century on 14th century foundations. We also saw a chimney sweep in the village, cleaning a chimney (what else?). A rare sight these days.


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One Response to Dunglass to Oldhamstocks

  1. Crafty Green Poet says:

    looks like a great walk, lovely photos!

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