On yer feet

This year, the East Lothian Walking Festival has the theme ‘A Walk Through the Ages’, which means basically that each of the walks has elements of history included.

Last year we went on three of the walks, and very enjoyable they were too. This time, because of other commitments, DunbarJane and I could only fit one into our busy schedules. So we’re off today (on Jane’s birthday as it happens) to walk from Dunglass to Oldhamstocks. We start at the ruined pack-bridge (which dates from the 17th century, but may be much earlier in origin), take in Dunglass Collegiate Church, and then head over the tracks to Oldhamstocks, via the 16th century ‘English Fort’.

It’s amazing to think that before the age of metalled roads and railways, the steep-sided ‘deans’ of the Berwickshire and East Lothian coast were part of the main route from Edinburgh to London (or vice versa). Detours were very long, and they were difficult to bridge, but eventually they were. There’s a fantastic spot at Dunglass where you can see the rail bridge and three road bridges built at different times crossing the Dean.
PS: Back from the walk, tired but very happy. The weather was glorious, scenery and wildlife terrific. Saw a nuthatch, which is not all that common round here. The ‘English Fort’ was new to me, built 1548 by the Earl of Somerset and demolished in the 1550s. I’ll post some photos tomorrow.

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One Response to On yer feet

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    ‘Tired but very happy’…a lovely combination.

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