The Zen of Dunny

Smart restaurant in the former French Concession of Shanghai.

Friends and family – even close ones – have been known to express wry amusement at my (seldom expressed) espousal of Zen. Nevertheless, my Zen practice dates back 50 years or so to my discovery of it as a teenager, and it’s sincere. I can laugh at myself though, especially when I see and must photograph things like this restaurant sign. And appropriately enough my ISP is

My brother, who lives in Oakland, CA, was here on a brief stopover recently, and he left me a bottle of wine, a Sonoma Valley Zinfandel named Zen of Zin: The Way to Zinlightenment. What a purely wonderful name. I love the label quote too:

“Do not drink behind me for I may not lead, do not drink ahead of me for I may not follow. Do not drink beside me either. Just uncork the wine and move out of the way.”

When I open it this weekend it will remind me of the happy time we had visiting Sonoma with my brother’s family last time we were in California. And if he reads this blog, he’ll know I’m raising a glass to them all, and looking forward to seeing them come summer.


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