StAnza 2008

I got back home to Sunny Dunny at lunch-time (can of tomato soup if you must know) and the after-effects of busy days, late nights and lack of sleep due to a heavy cold (sniff, sniff) have caught up with me. I’m feeling shattered, or even shettered as I first typed the word. It was a very smooth-running festival, thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers – students, committee and board members, and others – and above all to Artistic Director Eleanor Livingstone and Festival Director Brian Johnstone. I know that it’s the participants and audiences that make a festival successful, but without good organisation running in the background it just can’t happen.

As the Festival’s Chair I can’t – and nor would I want to – single out any one poet or session for special mention, but this year it was all the funny little incidents and delightful human encounters that made it wonderful for me. It was great to welcome fine poets from America and Europe, and from other parts of our own islands. Great also to meet up with good friends I’d met before, and to make new ones. Terrific also to encounter the work of poets of the past, enthusiastically discussed by today’s poets. And fantastic to see good audiences responding to the sessions. I’m looking forward to 2009, after I get a bit of sleep.


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One Response to StAnza 2008

  1. Sorlil says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it thanks, I bet you’re glad it’s over though!

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