Late Winter Walk

Taking a wee break from my StAnza preparations, we went to Smeaton garden today, for a walk round the little lake, and a cup of coffee in the tearoom. The snowdrops have mostly gone over, but the first of the daffodils are coming out. The storms of winters past and present have taken down some trees and big limbs, and the clear-up work has opened up some areas of the bank. The ducks don’t like it, and nor do the geese starting to nest on the tiny island, but the extra light has allowed the forbs and bulbs to flourish. With another severe storm forecast for tonight, it’s possible that some more weakened trees may come down, but this morning it was beautiful.

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One Response to Late Winter Walk

  1. apprentice says:

    It’s a lovely spot. I like the skunk cabbages later in the year. I’ve had a few shots of them accepted by stock libraries.Hope to see you at Stanza with the Haddington crew. Cambo looks like being rather damp, so much kit to take to try and stay dry!

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