Tibet poem sequence

I sent my seven poem Tibetan sequence to my friend Jayne Wilding last week, as she’s been a follower of the Tibetan Buddhist school for many years. I hoped she’d correct any of my misconceptions, which come from my Western background and Zen practice, which is very different from the Tibetan school. She’s also a fine poet, an honest critic, and a good friend. Last night we talked at length on the phone and she very kindly went through the poems with me. It was such a helpful experience, and most enjoyable. She hasn’t yet visited Tibet, so I like to think our exchange was a two-way process, with my descriptions of places she has so far only read about.

I’ll revise the poems now in the light of our discussion, but I’m happy that in most cases that revision will be light. Then what do I do with the poems? I’m coming round to the view that they should be published together as a sequence, so that probably rules out magazine publication. Can I find a publisher who’ll take on a short pamphlet, or will I self-publish? A lot to think about, but the poems have been strengthened. And I’ve got a title for the sequence (but I’m not telling yet).

I’m now preparing for a reading & discussion in Stirling next Tuesday, and a reading in Elgin next Saturday. Busy, busy, busy.


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4 Responses to Tibet poem sequence

  1. Tommaso Gervasutti says:

    Dear Colin, I recommend you this monthly magazine: “SHAMBALA SUN” on Tibetan Buddhism. It’s from Boulder, Colorado.Best wishes, Davide Trame

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Davide. I’ll check it out. I’ve looked at Urthona and Tricycle.

  3. Cailleach says:

    This sequence sounds really interesting – I’d love to see it altogether in one spot.

  4. apprentice says:

    Yes it does sound good. I’ve enjoyed the pieces I’ve seen so far. Hope you find a good home for it.

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