Younger son is getting married on Friday, so I’ll be too tied up to blog for a few days. Some miscellaneous cogitations:

1. Unsolicited submissions. Despite saying very clearly on the Calder Wood Press website that I can’t deal with unsolicited MSS, they continue to come in, by snail and e-. It’s very sad, because I post them straight back (if they’ve included an SSAE). I suppose I ought to take it as an indicator that the Press is becoming better known, but it would be nice if potential publishees believed that I mean what I say. (Did I invent a new word there?). I’m committed to six or seven pamphlets this year, and that’s as much as I can cope with.

2. Semi-related, but The Poetry Book Society is trying to increase its list of pamphlet publishers. If you are such a fellow misguided fool saintly being, email them with your details.

3. After some initial misgivings, I’ve joined Facebook. I’m still finding my way round the system, finding groups and people to hook up with. It’s a completely different medium from the blogosphere (I think), and at the moment it’s more of a potential than an actual utility for me.

4. I went to a meeting this morning with one of the co-funders of our Tyne & Esk Writers’ Creative Writing Development project. We had to give a final report on the project, which officially finishes next week. I thought it was going to be a bureaucratic box-ticking exercise, but in the event it was fine. According to the year-end report, we actually did more than we said we’d do in our application, so it was very successful from their and our points of view, although we had problems with this funder’s ‘payment against receipts’ mechanism. When a group’s bank balance is small, it’s next to impossible to spend money you don’t have then claim it back. Particularly when we were employing somebody who had to be paid monthly. That’s the only funding body I’ve ever dealt with that works that way, and it was awkward. Motto: read the fine print before you agree to accept a grant.


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4 Responses to Blogbreak

  1. Rob says:

    “it would be nice if potential publishees believed that I mean what I say”Colin, I reckon it’s probably because some publishers have been known to say the same thing and <>not<> mean it – mentioning no names. They want only to limit submissions to the trickle of the truly desperate and of those who’ve heard the real story on the grapevine. So a few people might have hopes that you are doing the same. Don’t suppose there’s much you can do about that.Also, I suppose some writers might feel that when you see their work, you’ll be so overwhelmed that you just couldn’t <>not<> publish it. That’s two ‘nots’ in italics in two paragraphs. Not bad…I’m on Facebook too. I’ll track you down, maybe after your wedding stuff is all over.

  2. Rachel Fox says:

    Re the unsolicited…my friend’s teenage daughter came up with a good line recently regarding my friend’s views on prospective menfriends (my friend is single). She said ‘mother, desperation has clouded your vision’. The same can be true of writers. That and the arrogance too of course.Hope the wedding goes well. Our 7 year old is promising not to have a boyfriend till she is 22. Her Dad finds this calming…Rachel

  3. Tommaso Gervasutti says:

    Hello Colin, I am happy you have found me, now your blog is among my “favourites”.Best wishes, Davide Trame

  4. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Rob, Rachel, Davide.I’ll reply properly tomorrow night. Elder son and grand-daughter flew home this evening – it was lovely having them stay with us. The wedding was a very happy occasion, the weather stayed sunny, and the ceremony and the reception were just right.

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