Poet Partner (1)

I’m going to be blogging regularly about my spell as Poet Partner to Elgin, whether here or elsewhere (details to be finalised). By Friday I should have my first two sessions confirmed for Leap Day and the 1st of March. The 29th February one will probably be a schools session, and the March one will be to help launch Moray Libraries’ National Year of Reading programme. I’ll be reading contemporary Scottish poets, to show their range and vitality. Moray’s 12 reading groups are probably more used to reading fiction than poetry, so putting the programme together will be an interesting challenge. I need to select poets who will impress but not overawe, and which will encourage readers to seek out these and similar poets in libraries after I’ve gone home. That’s what my visits are intended to achieve; it’s an outcome which will be measured by library statistics, so the post has a real purpose to it. Very exciting.


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2 Responses to Poet Partner (1)

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    Out on the frontline, comrade…sounds like a lot of fun. Rachel

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks sister. It’s <>big<> fun.Colin

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