Jo’s launch

What an amazing launch party we had last night. I was expecting between 20 and 30, but more than 50 turned up. We ran out of chairs, and the folk at the back of the room had to stand. Jo and I alternated reading her poems, and her partner Karen sang some of her own songs. It was a warm and friendly occasion, and the audience reaction to Jo’s poems was wonderful. I wish all launch parties were as good as this one. And all this on a mid-week night in mid-winter, in Dunbar.
The book – The Heart Is Always Full – was published in early December, and it’s been selling very well since then. Last night we sold out the remainder of the print run. It’s all gone, to my total amazement. I’ll have to do a reprint, but that’s a pleasant position to be in.

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One Response to Jo’s launch

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    All the best things happen in small towns. Cities have the glamour, the noise, the funding. We have the unexpected, the free car parks, the best kept secrets…Rachel

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