Haiku writing automated?

From this week’s New Scientist:

Naoko Tosa of Kyoto University has written a program that takes two or three keywords entered by a user and creates a three-line poem related to them in the haiku structure of five, seven and five syllables per line.

To find related words, the software searches several databases, including a thesaurus, a database that links words that relate to the same season, and one that links onomatopoeic words. Using another database on how words are ordered, it strings word combinations together. The combination that is most relevant to the kewywords and obeys the syllable rules forms the poem.

The user can make changes, which the program uses to learn the user’s preferences.

No, I don’t have the URL; no, I don’t think it could work in English, and no, none of my haiku are written this way. If I have a database in my head, it’s called memory.


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