Cairngorm break

Just back from a great wee break in Kincraig. Every winter, at some stage, we head for the Carngorms, either Kincraig or deeper in Glenfeshie. It’s my basic human right, I think, to have a walk in the snow here at least once a year, and the snow came with a wallop this time. Mind you, by this morning the rain had melted it all on the low ground, but I got my walk yesterday, as far as the Loch Insh Sports Centre. I tried to warn DunbarJane and our friend Judy about the after-effects of Jerusalem artichoke soup, but did they listen? Did they wheecho. It was a flatulent evening, and I won three games of Scrabble in a row thanks to their preoccupation with their lower regions.

Anyway, here are some photos:

Sunburst over Loch Insh.
Cotoneaster berries.

Looking back on the Cairngorms from Ruthven Barracks, after the snowmelt.


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