Crepuscule in Dunny*

I went down to the shore at twilight last night to photograph the moon – as you do – and looked back at the town just beginning to twinkle. Most of Dunbar, including ‘Legoland’, the yellow-brick estate where I live, is a taste-free zone at Christmas. I loathe and detest plastic Santas and snowmen on lawns, and flashing strings of lights festooning bungalows fill my heart with the deepest anxiety. There’s a neighbour who has a reindeer made of white lights. It looks as if it’s squatting to pee. Do reindeer squat to pee? I don’t know. But did you know that the German word for a man who squats to pee is a Sitzpinkel? Cute word. But I digress. I think the townscape is pretty.

* One of the tunes which introduced me to Thelonious Monk’s music was ‘Crepuscule With Nellie’ (named for his wife). It has a semi-recursive melody, where you reach the end of a line and find you’ve started the next verse. Clever, distinctive, unforgettable. “Carve that on my epithet,” as a Spoonerist friend was wont to say.


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2 Responses to Crepuscule in Dunny*

  1. sms says:

    O Colin, I’m afraid that our wee cottage in Metchosin would make your heart fall… we have not one, but two white reindeer on our rooftop and they not only have white twinkly lights, but they also move their heads back and forth, up and down.I guess that we have a young lass in the house is an excuse for this lapse… having said that, it is her parents that are most anxious to see them up on the roof every December 1!all the best,

  2. Colin Will says:

    Merry Christmas, S. Most of the folk round here are on the wrong side of child-bearing age. Very few have children – the reindeer couple have a cat, but that doesn’t count. Some householders seem to have a competition each year, to put more and more lights and gimmicks on the houses. It’s a consumerist bandwaggon. Anyway, we’re off to the movies today, to stock up on popcorn, junk food and entertainment.Colin

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