Colin who?

I was introduced to the mysteries of Google Images the other night. It’s a dohickey for finding images on websites, which it does with amazing speed and equally amazing non-selectivity. That’s unless you’re careful with your descriptors, or maybe use Boolean operators*. So I did what ones ego always suggests with this type of strange device; I typed in my own name and told the dog to find the rabbit, metaphorically speaking. A scant couple of seconds later I was confronted by a plethora of thumbnails of “Colin will this…” and “Colin will that…”, along with some genuine images of me. Some of the real ones were unfamiliar – I turn up on some websites I didn’t know about, which is spooky. It also gave me lots of images I’ve posted on websites over the years, where Image x appeared to be linked with the indexed term ‘Colin Will’ with the OR operator* so it returns everything. The total number of ‘hits’ was some 2.8 million. That’s one of the problems with having a surname which is also a common English word.

Some of the other Colins are people I wouldn’t want to be associated with in any shape or form, like a TV medium, for instance, or a football manager. I don’t care to know that “Colin XXX will be on Channel n next Tuesday…” Apart from the fact that I can’t get that channel on my Freeview box here in Dunbar (reception is crap here), it’s not a programme I would give universe-room to, never mind house-room.

So, boys and girls, do try putting your name into a Google Images search – my gob hasn’t been so smacked for a wee while now. It’s a great resource for finding other stuff too, but be as specific as you can.

Meanwhile, I’m still Head Cook and Bottle Washer here in Bag End Sur Mer. DunbarJane damaged her knee (again) last weekend, and is laid up. She’s now been referred to the odd-sounding Knee Clinic, and will probably require an operation on the cartilage. Ironic, that she should hurt her knee at choir practice, after climbing the Great Wall of China and the Potala steps just a few weeks ago.

* I used to be a bona fide information scientist in the olden days, so I’m supposed to remember all this clever stuff.


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2 Responses to Colin who?

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    What was the choir practising? Dangerous stuff obviously.Rachel

  2. Colin Will says:

    She was stepping down off a plinth (not the one that’s the son of the king) while twisting round to lift a chair in one hand and holding her music in the other. Multi-over-tasking, you could call it.Colin

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