New anthology

I was at the Edinburgh launch of this new anthology on Thursday night. It’s edited by Gordon Jarvie, and published by Luath Press. I’m delighted to have a poem in it (The Legacy, from Thirteen Ways of Looking At the Highlands). The readers on Thursday were Gordon (and his family), Stewart Conn, Jenni Daiches, Duncan Glen, David Purdie, Ian McFadyen and myself. We also got the chance to read a work each by other poets in the collection. My own choice was pretty obvious: Norman MacCaig’s My Last Word on Frogs. Obvious to me, anyway, but maybe not to you, Gentle Reader. Norman was a teacher at my Edinburgh primary school in the 1940s, so I’ve known his voice since childhood. I’ve been going to Assynt since the 1940s too, as Norman did, and I love the landscape, and Suilven in particular, very deeply. Anyway, it was a very nice evening, and I hope everyone will now rush out and buy the book. It’s excellent.


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2 Responses to New anthology

  1. apprentice says:

    Sounds a good night and I love the cover. I hope it does well.I was reading a McCaig poem the other day, the title escapes me right now, which is not unusual for me, but it was about bracken and was absolutely brilliant.BTW I walked past Amifield on Sunday and the gates wee open and I was amazed at the progress, and how the whole place has opened up. I can now visualise your plan for the place. Nice to see that some of the trees have survived too. It will be interesting to see if they grow in a more balanced way now they have 360 degrree light.

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks on both counts apprentice. Looks like we’ll have a ‘nut tree’ corner and an ‘orchard’ area too. We found some heavily shaded apple trees in the undergrowth – very tasty apples.

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