Tibetan wildlife

These are some shots taken through the train window, travelling through the Tanggula Shan mountains at around 100 km/hr, at nearly 5,000m altitude. Our highest point was 5,076m.

This is the kiang, a Tibetan wild ass, with a thick, dark-brown coat. I’d take a guess that this is a female in foal, who will give birth next Spring when the new grasses start to grow.

The Tibetan gazelle. There were lots of them near the rail line, which is very reassuring. A few years ago they were pretty close to extinction from hunting, but the Chinese authorities have put a lot of effort into their conservation.

An eagle with yellow legs, which I will try to identify.

We also saw Tibetan foxes, wild yak, ravens, and several other birds of prey. Most of the rivers are now frozen, the ground is permafrost, but life carries on.


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2 Responses to Tibetan wildlife

  1. Anne says:

    Ohhh… Dun<>bar<>… Light dawns.Fab holiday.

  2. Colin Will says:

    Thanks Anne. Getting over the jet-lag at last.Colin

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