New poem – not uncheerful

Poem gone. I think that one’s a keeper, as my sister-in-law says.

But here’s the poem that goes with Jane’s ‘Deer’ painting below. It was first published in Poetry Scotland and is included in Sushi & Chips.

The hide.

Still morning, however late;
only a rising bubble breaks
the tension of the pond, the moment.

Red leaves of an ailing maple
hang over themselves, seen twice,
water-doubled, mist-soaked.

A hind steps to the open gate,
faint click of her tendon, stares
at the empty garden, waiting.

What will happen next?
Some ripple of reality
will sunder calm, but when?

Colin Will


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to New poem – not uncheerful

  1. Cailleach says:

    I like the idea of the moment transfixed in the poem and in the narrator eye: it works so well in how much you’ve pared this right back. Not too much – a nice dance with the reader!

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