MacDiarmid and that portrait

One of the topics touched on last night was the portrait of Hugh MacDiarmid painted by R H Westwater in celebration of the poet’s 70th birthday. Valda loathed the painting, and wouldn’t have it in Brownsbank. She railed against Westwater too, for “Neither do I forget how you left him on the floor at Milne’s a couple of years ago.” [from the Letters]

The well-known portrait hangs now in the Edinburgh University Staff Club in Chambers Street. Here’s a photo of MacDiarmid in front of the portrait, which, frankly, I think is a good one. I think the artist has captured the personality of MacDiarmid rather well.


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One Response to MacDiarmid and that portrait

  1. Anonymous says:

    And you know, Colin, when I first came to Edinburgh, in 1979, that portrait was one of the first things I saw, in the Staff Club, that threw me lock stock and barrel into Scottish poetry!I think the label “anonymous” will come up, but I’m not really anonymous –SallyE

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