WSG poems; or, I told you so

Didn’t I say that editors would be receiving poems beginning with W S Graham lines? Well, I’ve just received my first one, as a submission to Poetry Scotland’s Open Mouse page, and with the appropriate acknowledgment.

I haven’t yet made up my mind whether or not to publish it. Problematically, it’s whimsical, whereas I don’t feel that the Graham line ‘I leave this at your ear for when you wake’ in any way suggests whimsy. Ah well…decisions, decisions…

I’ve rewritten three of my own exercise poems with my own first lines. Interestingly, although they wouldn’t have been written without the impetus of Matthew Sweeney’s workshop, they’ve now become self-consistently ‘Colin Will poems’. Do I now submit them (with an acknowledgment to Graham of course)?

I recently submitted some poems to Envoi for the first time since its change of editor and format. The (very nice) rejection letter arrived today. There was something very endearing about Roger Elkin’s hand-written annotations on poems not accepted, but I do like the new look magazine.


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2 Responses to WSG poems; or, I told you so

  1. Rob says:

    You’ve received a poem even before the workshop results are out! That’s faster than I would have expected…I’ve also worked on a few of mine. I found that by changing the first line, I had to change other lines too.

  2. Cailleach says:

    I’m expecting them to grace many an end of course assesment for the OU Creative Writing course this year. But I think it’s a great testament to the choice and scope of the workshop. Re-working, hmm, having a bit of a battle with that one…

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