One book published…

With Kennt His Faither published, I’m starting on the next one from Calder Wood Press, and it’s another unusual project. Poetry this time, but poems about unicorns, by Mercedes Clarasó. It’ll be a chapbook, with around 36pp. The poems are delightful, and I’m certain it will do well.

I’ve spent the evening arranging the poems in a sequence which makes sense to me (spread them out on the floor first), and I’ll now post it off to the author and see if she’s happy with the order. I’ve done some minor edits here and there, but the MS is very clean. I’ve chosen Palatino for the text, and Papyrus for the title page – it’s a more decorative font.

With a bit of luck and a following wind, I think I can get this one out by the end of September. It would be great to have it available for the Tyne and Esk Writers Festival of Writing.


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