Shore Poets

Just got the line-up for the next season of Shore Poets readings in Edinburgh. I know I’m to read on April 27th, but I didn’t know who else is on the bill that night. It’s Rachael Boast (who I’m afraid I don’t know yet), and Andrew Philip, a poet I like and admire. I’m looking forward to it very much. It was also nice to get a warm email from Stewart Conn the other night wishing me well for the reading, although it’s some way off.

The 2007/2008 programme looks very good indeed, with Polly Clark, Gillian Allnutt, David Kinloch, Elisabeth Burns, Jacob Polley, Kate Clanchy and Richard Price all featured.

My latest writing challenge, in a phone call this evening, is to compose a haiku linking the busts of Thomas Glover and Puccini (both in the Glover Garden in Nagasaki), to somehow celebrate Scotland, Japan and Italy. In 3 lines. And ASAP of course. I’m more tempted to write something about the pain of nettle-stings – my arms are fair gowpin, as we say, on account of wearing a T-shirt to do battle with the Amisfield weeds today.


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