Tent in the orchard

Tent in the orchard; a renga written in the season of summer at The Big Tent Festival, Falkland, Fife, Sunday 17th June 2007. Verse schema by Colin Will to reflect the themes of the Festival.

smell of warm grass –
a baby spider
writes on the paper

all together in the sun
making festivals

everywhere we go
tyre tracks
rule the fields

season of glaur –
orchard turning red

pumpkin pumpkin
made of moon –
the harvest mouse is full

softly soaking
daylong rainfall

silence of frost –
no crunch of snow
these winters

still air
thrumming with drumbeats

in the audience
torn between applause
and holding hands

a formal hug
on Fathers Day

March – wind whistles
round the ancient stones
of the palace

fire as hot
as my desire

your auburn hair
swimming in the river

wood ants nest
stirred up by blackbird

tiger’s fierce scowl
on a little angel

autumn leaves
dissolve on the ground

no blossom to attract
the collared dove –
winter’s tree

peace seems to leave
but does not

poppy, bluebell,
red flower, blue flower,
one shyer than the other

open the door and step out –
honey-laden, birdsong-bubbling garden

Participants: Benjamin Stace, Jane Stace, Tess Darwin, Astin FergusonRory Buchanan, Maureen Sangster, Sheila Mclean, Mike Small, Juliet Austin, Colin Will

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Poet, publisher, gardener
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1 Response to Tent in the orchard

  1. apprentice says:

    You do get a sense of the day and the place. I see the drums get a mention too! I’ll beat a retreat and eat some lunch

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