Andrew Marr

I’ve been watching, with considerable interest and enjoyment, Andrew Marr’s TV series on the history of modern Britain. He’s had a lot of insights, and I liked his analysis of post-war economics and our relations with the USA in particular.

However, the recent programme on Thatcher’s Britain made me question his viewpoint. He said she was politically lucky, and I won’t dispute that. I became increasingly uneasy when his summing-up said we’d become stronger, richer and more confident as a nation. Which nation was he talking about? Not Scotland anyway. I think our confidence booster was devolution and the creation of the Scottish Parliament. And when he said, “We are all Thatcher’s children”, Mrs Dunny and I shouted at the TV with one voice. “Fuck off, Andrew,” we said. I can only surmise that the Thatcher years coincided with the period when Andrew was editing The Independent and was based in London. They see things differently there.


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3 Responses to Andrew Marr

  1. Rob says:

    “We are all Thatcher’s children”I’ve kept noticing the inappropriate use of the ‘royal we’ recently. It’s such a fatalistic attitude, this idea that we are all products of Thatcher and none of us can escape her influence, even if we think we’ve managed.She has nothing to do with me, nor with millions of others.

  2. Matt Merritt says:

    Yes, this bugs me too. Stronger and more confident? No – quite the opposite, I think. All those years of being told there was no such thing as society are the cause of most of our current problems, as far as I can see.You’re right about The Independent too Colin. I think it has its good points, but it’s little more than a London paper. It sells an absurdly small number of copies outside the capital.

  3. Donniemac says:

    Like all exiled Scots, Andrew Marr is an ASS (Alien Scot Schizophrenic) and is unsure of which ‘nation’ he speaks of. I was in a similar position when I worked in London as a callow youth, but saw the dichotomy on my return to Scotland when I saw the ‘United’ kingdom in a somewhat different light! Two years of working in the North Sea whilst Mrs T swithered over the gas inter-connector meant that I saw untold riches go up in smoke from flare stacks that dotted the night sky like orange fireflies. Hopefully, we have taken the first steps to a new Scotland – and Mr Marr might even be encouraged to ‘come home’!

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