Anthologies come in threes

You know how it is. You stand at the anthology stop for ages. Nothing happens. Then three anthologies come along in quick succession. It was like that this evening.

First, visiting the Scottish Poetry Library for tonight’s Poetry Book Group meeting (we discussed Billy Collins’ The Trouble With Poetry by the way), I got my contributor copy of Ten Seasons edited by Gerry Loose. It’s being launched at the Kibble Palace on Saturday, and I’ll be there. Fantastic venue. Lovely book.

Then when I got home I had an email asking for permission to publish one of my poems in a Festschrift for a distinguished editor. Delighted, natch. Another email brought as an attachment the proof in pdf form of Alec Finlay’s Floating Island Garden, to which I’ve contributed a poetico-botanical planting list. That’ll be off to the printers soon.

All this on the same day I got the all clear on the swollen lymph node in my neck which has finally disappeared as mysteriously as it arose.

A good day.


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3 Responses to Anthologies come in threes

  1. Rob says:

    Well done, Colin. That’s how poetry publication seems to be – nothing for months and then a day or two of acceptances thick and fast. In a good year!

  2. apprentice says:

    Great news all round Colin. So pleased for you.

  3. Colin Will says:

    Thanks very much to you both.

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