Walk 2

A nice, mostly flat, circular walk around Ormiston in East Lothian. A few spots of rain, but not enough to dampen. We walked along the disused railway line to start with, skirting Pencaitland, then on roadway to Fountainhall House, where we stopped for our lunch, heard about the history from the owners, and admired their beautiful garden. The earliest parts of the house date from the 1550s. On the way we picked up peacock feathers at one spot, and later heard that the unfortunate bird had been struck by an unknown local, who is now missing a headlight.
On via a narrow track to the Great Yew of Ormiston. It blew my mind away – definitely the biggest and best yew tree I’ve ever seen. Possibly at least 2,000 years old, this multi-trunked specimen is far more impressive than the Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, about which I’ve written, and which may well be over 3,500 years old. Back via a woodland track to the ruins of Ormiston Hall, then down to the village again. Six miles today. I’ll download my photos this evening and see which are worth posting – off to workshop a name change now. An organisation in Edinburgh wants to change its name, and thinks a poet might be able to help them. I hope I can.


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