Walk 1

Seven miles today. Along the Tyne, then across the ‘old’ A1 and up to Barney Mains. Across to look at ‘The Vaults’, rems of Barnes Castle from 1594, then up the Garleton Hills, across to Bangly, down through Alderston Mains Farm and back to Haddington. I have to confess I was tiring on the last leg, but it was an excellent walk, and the Garlton Hills stretch was new to me. The weather was grey and cold, but that’s probably a good thing on a long-ish walk. Cold easterly breeze, but the rain held off. We’ll go back again some day when the visibility’s better, because even on a dull day like today the views were superb. Also loved the Jersey cows at Alderston – they’ve got such nice faces. I believe the bulls are very aggressive though.

Walk 2 tomorrow is only six miles, and mostly on the flat, along a disused railway track.


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