Discworld characters

There’s a quiz on Quizfarm.com (thanks for the link Rik) that tells you which Discworld character you most resemble. Turns out I’m Lord Vetinari. The judgement call on this that I think that’s probably right, apart from the dog called Wuffles. (I would never have a dog called anything, especially not Wuffles.) One of my early bosses was known for being Machiavellian in getting the results he wanted, to the point of sometimes pretending he wanted the opposite. That was a trait I admired and tried to develop in myself. When I became a boss myself, (later quite a big boss) my deputy always called me devious, and she was right. It’s an art – don’t knock it. It gets things done.

For those who don’t like Terry Pratchett’s creative fiction, you have my pity. It must be awful being dull all the time.

Just because I feel like it, here’s a photo of a goldfinch in the garden. Exotic-looking thing, isn’t it? Photo taken through the window, hand-held.


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2 Responses to Discworld characters

  1. apprentice says:

    They are beautiful birds, I just hope the bullfinches leave my plum and pear blossom alone. I’m still worrying about paying for this early spring – the butterflies seem to be struggling to find things to get nectar from, maybe their usual foodstuffs aren’t out yet.I saw a whole squadron of peacocks on the river walk at Hailes.

  2. Colin Will says:

    The cherries in Amisfield are in full flower just now – just gorgeous. And the maples are smothered in little yellow-green flowers – fantastic display. Lots for butterflies there. Last weekend down at JMCP there were loads of peacock butterflies feeding on the oilseed rape and fighting over territory.

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