A Song in the Head

Did you ever get a song in your head that you can’t help hearing over and over again? Well, it’s happening to me just now with Edie Brickell’s I Am What I Am. It’s a 1989 number, which I had forgotten until I heard it yesterday on the radio while I was driving to Carstairs for my poetry workshop. I don’t think it ever made the Top 10, but it has the sort of quirky lyrics I love
is a smile on a dog”

“choke me in the shallow water
before I get too deep.”

Edie’s voice is distinctive too – I love women with character in their voices.
One of these days I’ll figure out how to embed vids in the blog, but in the meantime it’s on YouTube. (I’m told I had a malformed URL – try this one).

Otherwise, things are as hectic as ever. Feedback from StAnza is coming in thick and fast, and it’s all been very positive so far. At the time, you’re too busy with what you’re doing to sit back and think about it, but I’m coming to realise it was the best poetry festival I’ve ever attended.

I’m told I had a poem in The Herald on Wednesday, and I’m trying to get a copy. I bought it on Tuesday and Thursday, but not Wednesday. Just like the thing.
Must dash – I’ve just had a call from a film maker who wants to talk to me about a part. I swear it’s true. Weird or what. More details to follow.


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3 Responses to A Song in the Head

  1. Andrew Shields says:

    I don’t think I’ve heard Edie’s song in years, or even a decade, but it still pops into my head all the time. A real hook, that one.But one I don’t mind having in my head, as opposed to some other hooks that sometimes pop up (can’t think of any offhand; don’t want to, as that would let them in).

  2. Colin Will says:

    Very hypnotic, Andrew. Another one from that period that has the same effect is Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time. I’ve got a tenor sax version of that one by Tim Whitehead, and it emphasises the strength of the melody.

  3. Andrew Shields says:

    Oh, I’ve got Cassandra Wilson singing that, and it’s totally haunting.

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