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Brian Johnstone asked me on Monday if I could launch the StAnza 2007 website on the 21st – the Winter Solstice. I said yes (stupid boy), and I’ve been working on it since then, but it’s finished and ready for proofing and link checking. It will go live at 12 noon on the 21st. For the record, it’s at

It’s a huge festival next year, with an extra day and extra events to celebrate our 10th year (14 to 18 March). Mark Strand and Jorie Graham are coming over from America, we’ve got translated poets from Russia, Slovakia and Italy this year, plus a huge number from Scotland and other parts of the UK. Ruth Padel, George Szirtes, Jackie Kay, Roy Fisher, Alastair Reid, Jenny Joseph, John Hegley, Alan Spence, Jack Mapanje, Jane Yeh, Pascale Petit will all be there, plus many more. I’m chairing the Dead Poets Sessions again next year, which I really enjoy. I’m particularly looking forward to discussing The Sangam Poets with Imtiaz Dharker. They were a group of Tamil men and women poets, writing between 100 BC and 250 AD, and their concerns were the same then as ours are today – love (and its problems), death, war and reconstruction.

We’ve got all the Eric Gregory Award winners coming, which is a great showcase for new (young) writers, and a group of poets associated with Magma magazine will also be reading. The Poet-in-Residence is Gwyneth Lewis, the recently appointed Welsh Laureate. It’ll also be, as usual, a great chance to meet up with friends. Rob Mackenzie is doing a reading, and Alan Gay will have a sound installation on board The Reaper in St Andrews Harbour. There’s a Poetry Slam, Open Mike Sessions, Poetry Stand-ups, Masterclasses and Workshops too. And film. And music. And dance. And…


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