A bit of a tidy

About to head off for a week in Italy, so I thought I’d tidy up a few loose ends here. The group of friends we’re travelling with (The Fahrters) has been visiting different parts of Europe every two years for a very long time. This is our 4th trip together. We’re going to be based in Sorrento, and visiting Naples, Pompei, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, the Amalfi Coast etc etc. We had our pre-tour get-together on Wednesday in the Bar Napoli in Edinburgh. Service appalling, food OK, company great. Hope the food in Sorrento etc is better – I’m sure it will be.

Two of the six Tyne & Esk pamphlets have now been launched – I’ve seen the covers of three, and I’m assured that another one is back from the printers. Just two to go now, and that’ll be the project completed. Another meeting to discuss our funding re-application this week, and it’s now almost ready to go. I’ll wait until I’m back from Italy before finalising it. I’ve decided that the motto for this particular funding organisation should be ‘No Nit too Small to Pick’.

I wrote an autumnal poem last week. It was one of those poems which just seems to write itself. I’ve not felt any urge to edit or amend it – just changed the title to ‘After Michaelmas’. It’s in quatrains, mostly with the 4th line shorter than the other 3, so it’s almost in ode form. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Horace, but I’m quite pleased with it.


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