Calder Wood Press

I set up Calder Wood Press some years back, primarily to publish my own poetry cards. Since then, I’ve also used it to publish booklets on commission, where writing groups etc have funding but no publishing expertise. I take care of arranging printing, assigning an ISBN, legal deposit and the copyright library. I’ve enjoyed it, learned a lot, and managed to cover my costs. Now I’m tackling a bigger job, producing a local history book with a friend. The economics of printing and binding a book, rather than a pamphlet, are such that we’re not able to sell this title through trade outlets at an economic rate – we’d lose money on every copy sold. The upshot is that we’ll only sell direct, but I can use my website order form, and advertise it online, so that side of it will be straightforward. It’s something different, a bit of a challenge, and it gets me out of my comfort zone.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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